ITS Solutions

Tunnel Monitoring Systems

Autostrade Tech has developed specialised software for monitoring tunnels that manages the road system and traffic to enhance safety. In particular, the software applications developed are: 


Alarm Monitor:


Automatic notification to the operator of alarms generated by sensors installed in the tunnel. It automatically locates the event, thus allowing the operator to make a targeted and timely intervention.



Synoptic Panels:


These provide an overview of the state of the tunnel, graphically presenting traffic alarms detected by the sensors. It also graphically displays any sensor failures detected by the system. 



For example, if a "SMOKE ALARM" or "PEDESTRIAN ALARM" is detected in the tunnel, they allow the system to alert the operator in the Control Centre: The Alarm Monitor automatically opens a pop-up with the live video from the camera that sent the alarm, while the Synoptic Panel automatically shows the area of the presumed alarm.







This simultaneously displays several live video streams from the cameras in the tunnel. This application provides complete configurability of the wall: 

  • What to show: cameras/synoptic panels/applications
  • Display size
  • Operations on the cameras (pan, zoom, etc.)
  • Automatic rolling of groups of cameras by tunnel tube

Through a series of specifically designed software interfaces, Autostrade Tech opens the system to multiple environments, allowing the fast, functional integration of technologies from a wide range of producers. Thanks to the scalability of the solution offered, the platform can be easily extended to a greater number of tunnels through expansion of the hardware infrastructure that provides calculation and data storage capacity.