ITS Solutions

I-BUS platform

Through a specific platform, called I-BUS, Autostrade Tech supports local government in managing and regulating tourist bus traffic in city centres.The platform has the following characteristics: 

  • Unique, customised system for all local governments
  • Unique on-line permit request system for all fleet managers
  • The acquisition of FCD for processing traffic
  • Single vehicle database


It provides:

  • Synergies for checking vehicles against the database of the Department of Motor Vehicles (MCTC and PRA)
  • Checking the correct behaviour of vehicles in the relevant urban areas
  • The future possibility of fining offending vehicles
  • A flexible, automated system for paying fees (with credit cards, Telepass, etc.)
  • Expandability towards Citylogistic solutions




The platform is based on the use of three different subsystems:

  • Tracking the routes followed;
  • Control of stops;
  • Access control for bulky vehicles in Restricted Traffic Zones (ZTL)

Tracking routes:

The central system, which is accessible via a web platform, displays the history of trips made by buses in two ways:

  • Real-time: a real-time map display of the last position sent by all motor vehicles running at the time of the query and, for all buses not running, the last data before the vehicle turned-off signal.

  • History report: the complete trip list can be displayed for each vehicle; the details can be displayed for each trip

Control of stops:

The peripheral system consists of sensors implanted in the road surface that communicate with a field controller installed in the same area.


This peripheral gives the data processing centre the number of parking spaces actually occupied, regardless of whether or not a tracking device is installed on the vehicle.





Access control for bulky vehicles in Restricted Traffic Zones (ZTL):

The peripheral system consists of approved ZTL access points that detect vehicles over a certain size and allows to identify those that enter without the necessary authorisation.


The approved ZTL access point enables the fining of offending vehicles.