ITS Solutions

Autostrade Tech and traffic information

In 2001, the Autostrade per l'Italia Group developed a unique system for the comprehensive and integrated management of Radio Rooms. Today, this has allowed us to achieve significant results in Network Monitoring and Management.


The ability to integrate and unite even highly specialised application modules has also allowed the Autostrade Tech platform to receive information from multiple sensors placed along the road network (cameras, Telepass transponders, inductive loops, weather stations, traffic sensors, SOS columns, etc.) as well as from other sources of traffic data.




This information allows for easier management of:

  • individual activities (such as control of abnormal loads or transports with hazardous cargo)
  • the overall state of the network, since this information is integrated into a single traffic database.



Autostrade Tech is also able to make this information available through its TipOnline Platform for Call Centres and Radio Information Systems (RTL, ISORADIO, etc.).