ITS Solutions

Autostrade Tech and Integrated Road Systems

Autostrade Tech continues the tradition of the Autostrade per l'Italia Group, the national leader in traffic information and vehicle monitoring and tracking systems.  The solutions proposed by Autostrade Tech enable system users to view overall information about urban traffic conditions, comprehensively and coherently presented. The systems offered are geared to display all the important data from every "information provider" on a single screen in order to create a global view that includes traffic events, weather, fleet vehicles and all elements whose location can be defined.



The architecture makes it possible, in the same application, to display one signal category at a time (only vehicle tracking, only cameras or only sensors, etc.) as if it were a specific map for a particular application, as well as to display all signal categories simultaneously or in groups. Therefore, the Integrated Viability System (SIV) integrates and unites even highly specialised application modules. 


The main modules that comprise the system are:

  • Variable-Message Panel Module, which interfaces with variable-message panels;
  • SOS Module, which registers alarms (Mechanical or Health) sent from the SOS columns;
  • Construction Site Module, which allows to manage work in progress and work being scheduled;
  • Exceptional Transport Module, which automates the exceptional transport (abnormal load, hazardous cargo, etc) process;
  • Winter Operations Module, which manages the entire workflow for cold-weather activities;
  • Tracking Module, which provides information about vehicles on a georeferenced map;
  • Traffic Forecast Module, which displays forecasts linked to specific events;
  • Weather Portal, which displays weather forecasts and allows to monitor weather conditions;




The following image shows an application example:



Thus Autostrade Tech has solutions that can satisfy both the simplest requests and entire platforms.