ITS Solutions

Automated Traffic Monitoring


The Automated Road Monitoring System provided by Autostrade Tech is a complete software platform for the acquisition and analysis of video images used for the automatic real-time detection of events that affect the state of vehicle traffic. The system consists of a set of specialised software modules that, on the one hand, perform the tasks of acquiring, compressing (to mp4 format) and transmitting video signals from cameras over an IP network and, on the other hand, process the images to identify alarms and generate statistical data relative to the traffic flow. 







Traffic Analysis allows measurements even in "hostile" environments, such as tunnels, through the use of a dedicated software module called Tview. The only sensor used by this software is a camera that covers the relevant section of the motorway and enables the system to:


  • classify traffic conditions;
  • provide traffic statistics;
  • identify stopped vehicles;
  • identify vehicles going the wrong way.



The Tview system comes with a simple graphical configuration tool that calibrates the frame to be analysed with a few simple commands and provides a high degree of flexibility based on user requirements. An additional module controls the movements of a swivelling camera (pan, tilt and zoom) in real time. Real-time processing provides for continuous monitoring and, consequently, for the very quick detection of dangerous situations. The system automatically sends alarm signals to a remote station over a simple TCP/IP connection.
In addition to alarm signals, the system sends the following information to a remote station at user-defined intervals:

  • Traffic type (regular, slow, intense and stopped);
  • Occupation: understood as the average percentage of occupancy of the road surface measured over the time between the transmission of two reports;
  • Average speed measured over the time between the transmission of two reports;
  • Stopped vehicle alarm and an alarm for a vehicle moving in the wrong direction;
  • An alarm for spilled materials in excess of a preset minimum surface area.

In addition to this system, there is a software module called S-VIEW that detects the presence of smoke in the camera frame. S-View processes a series of data, which it organises into a report and periodically sends to the operations centre. The system produces information about smoke alarm signals, allowing for real-time management of any dangerous situations. S-View is easy to install and configure thanks to a very intuitive graphical configuration tool. It can also be used to automate the procedure of learning configuration images.