ITS Solutions

UIRNet - National Logistics Platform

The objective of the team, where Autostrade Tech is a member, is to provide a localised, open and modular IT platform capable of integrating service and content providers for the purpose of managing logistics and freight.



Autostrade Tech is handling the following subsystems: 


Alert Management

The purpose of the module is to generate and report alarms to the parties concerned based on data about the position of vehicles in relation to the declared route and events occurring on it. Alarms are also generated with regards to changes of route (Corridor Monitoring) or crossing defined areas (Geofencing).


Situation Room

The situation room, equipped with 20 operator stations, is responsible for monitoring the system, validating and taking charge of the alarms received and forwarding them to the parties concerned.




The Web GIS system, based on Teleatlas maps, is an element common to the various modules and, therefore, intersects with the entire platform horizontally. The objective of the module is to represent events, sensors located on the network and vehicles (transport vehicles using UIRNet and police and emergency vehicles), updated in real-time.