ITS Solutions

Restricted Traffic Zone (ZTL) access control


Autostrade Tech's basic offer for urban mobility solutions includes the turnkey supply of a remote access control system (also prepared for area/road pricing options) that enables regulating, controlling and managing access to urban areas, old town centres and restricted traffic zones through computerised access points, thus allowing only authorised vehicles to pass without requiring the competent authorities to provide a human presence. 

The system is used by city governments to control access and ensure the correct use of lanes reserved for public vehicles, in conformity with
Presidential Decree 250/1999 and with the rules for the approval and installation of electronic systems for fining unauthorised vehicles in restricted traffic zones. 



The access control system is organised as a layered structure:

  • Peripheral level (Electronic Access Points)
  • Central Level (Control Centre)

The Electronic Access Points are responsible for:

  • Detecting the transit of the vehicle;
  • Identifying the vehicle by automatically reading its license plate and/or by identifying its on-board device;
  • Sending the control centre photographs and transit data in the case of an unauthorised vehicle;
  • Responding to commands (opening - closing the access point) sent from the control centre;
  • Receiving lists of vehicle license plates/on-board devices authorised to pass from the control centre;
  • Providing the control centre information about the operational state of the access point.



The control centre, which receives all transit data, has a web interface that allows police operators to:

  • View transit information (images and data);
  • Manage different types of users;
  • Manage and issue different types of transit authorizations (loading and unloading goods, residents, other-abled, etc.);
  • Create reports and view statistical and diagnostic information;
  • Issue fines for transits in violation after the appropriate checks;
  • View and change the state of the access points;


The system has a low environmental impact; the solutions adopted, which have been customised based on the architectural context, harmonise and adapt the systems used to the urban setting, as demonstrated by installations in areas of high artistic and architectural value. The ZTL (Restricted Traffic Zone) system is a customisable, flexible and reliable solution that provides advanced technical support that is constant over time and translates technology into an advantage for the client.

Autostrade Tech ha sviluppato l’intera soluzione tecnologica (HW e SW) ed è pertanto in grado di offrire 

Autostrade Tech developed the entire technology solution (HW and SW) and is therefore able to provide any type of customisation to adapt the system to the client's requirements/procedures. The offer includes design, customisation, installation, management and maintenance and the rental (or sale) of the on-board devices with the option of entering into agreements to ensure interoperability with the motorway electronic payment service as well.