ITS Solutions

Logistical Area Access Control


The Logistical Area Access Control System is a solution that monitors, enables and documents access to these areas using front and rear digital photographs and/or video clips and sophisticated identification tools:

  • Transponder Telepass (active RF-Id);
  • Ticket/badge with barcode;
  • Proximity cards (passive RFID)
  • Reading license plates.



The system, which uses automatic, semi-automatic and manual control methods, consists of three subsystems: 

  • access point subsystem, which automatically manages the transit of vehicles in entry and exit lanes and records the transits for transmission to the control centre.
  • control centre, based on advanced hardware technologies, connected to intelligent access points over a local network,
  • local control station (operator station)


The access point subsystem consists of entry and exit lanes connected over the network and the equipment necessary to connect to the Control Centre, in particular, small stainless steel access point columns that house a dedicated lane controller, a display, intercom, help request button, and can also house a barcode reader. 

This multifunction column has connections to:

  • vehicle detection system (Laser camera or loops)
  • Telepass radio transponder
  • camera for photographing the front license plate
  • colour camera for photographing (entire vehicle)
  • swivelling dome camera


The control centre is able to fully manage the local system and enables the definition of the roles and permissions of each system operator, the entry of access data, collecting the data recorded by the various local access points, management of the transit archive, viewing the data acquired and the creation of statistics for selected access points.  The local and/or remote control station allows the operator to establish audio-video contact with an unauthorised  vehicle at the access point, including transit data and manual gate opening.