ITS Solutions

Control and management of parking lots with Telepass

In conjunction with services provided by Telepass SpA and through integration with the parking management systems in use, Autostrade Tech has developed a technological solution that enables paying for parking using the same on-board Telepass device that is used for motorway tolls.

The system, now integrated with the main parking management platforms, helps avoid lines at the cashier with a fast, convenient method of paying by debiting the parking charge, in arrears, directly to a Telepass account. 


The many users who already own a Telepass can have easy, safe and reliable access to parking lots with no additional subscriptions or configuration of the device. The system integrates into the parking management solutions offered by the leading manufacturers in the industry to protect existing investments.


The technological solution developed by Autostrade Tech is an extremely reliable, effective and efficient route for the evolution of parking services towards new forms of paying for access, producing: 

Benefits for customers

  • Payment without additional costs;
  • Delayed payment;
  • No more lines at the cashier;
  • Saving time.

Benefits for the operator

  • Automation of payments;
  • Lower management costs;
  • Higher transit speeds;
  • Zero fraud.


The system includes simple, fast installation and comprises three levels:

  • Peripheral level, consisting of the parking management systems already in use at the parking lot to which radio antennas are added;
  • Parking level, consisting of the parking management server and Autostrade Tech's parking servers, which handle the "on-line" validation of the transit;
  • Central level, with the data acquisition server and Autostrade Tech's monitoring systems.



Autostrade Tech's offer includes the turnkey supply of the technological infrastructure:

  • Local servers in high-availability cluster configuration;
  • Entry and exit lane technological equipment;
  • Vertical signage;
  • Networking systems

and all the services needed to start and operate the system such as installation, configuration of the local server and lanes and the services of monitoring and maintaining the systems .