ITS Solutions

Autostrade Tech and safety

The close and constant attention of the Autostrade per l'Italia Group to the problem of highway safety, together with the requirements defined 

  • by articles 208-230 of the Highway Code
  • by the PNSS (National Road Safety Plan)
  • and by adherence to the European target of a 50% reduction in highway accidents by 2010


has led Autostrade Tech to provide technologically advanced solutions aimed at improving road safety. 


The objective of providing a range of applications for advanced preventive safety is complemented by the police departments’ need for technological tools that can provide automatic support in the levying of fines. 


In this aspect, the Tutor® system plays a crucial role as an innovative system that measures average vehicle speed, as well as the first system in Italy that conforms to the new rules that allow the automatic fining of speed limit violations without the presence of a police officer on the road.


During its first 12 months of operation, this system led to a significant reduction of the average vehicle speed (-15%) and peak speed (-25%), which also resulted in a net reduction of the accident rate and the consequences for people:

  • Mortality rate: -51%
  • Rate of accidents with injuries: -27%
  • Accident rate: -19%


In addition to access control systems in logistical areas such as ports, freight villages, etc., Autostrade Tech has also implemented systems approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for controlling access in urban areas (Restricted Traffic zones, ZTL), to support police procedures for ascertaining violations and issuing fines.