ITS Solutions

Self-Service Collection with Automatic Toll Booths

The AUTOMATIC TOLL BOOTH is a machine specifically designed for the self-service payment of motorway tolls at the gate without the assistance of an operator. It is possible to pay with banknotes (even in foreign currencies) and coins, with magnetic stripe cards (Viacard, ATM cards and credit cards) and even in a combination of the above. It consists of two independent levels:- a high level for heavy vehicles;- a low level for passenger cars; In order to significantly increase operating independence, the coins accepted are reused for making change through a sophisticated but very reliable mechanism specifically designed for the purpose. The machine is installed and integrated into the toll-collection lane, facing it, inside the toll booth so that cash and be loaded and unloaded in safety, from behind, in a closed, protected environment. Payment is made fast and simple through the use of audio (pre-recorded multilingual instructions and two-way communication with a remote operator) and video (high-brightness LED arrows and 12" colour LCD monitor) that guide the user step by step.


Once the motorway ticket is inserted through a motorised slot, a coin-hopper is opened where coins can be deposited all at once to drastically reduce insertion time. Banknotes are inserted into a specific slot. Change in the form of coins is returned in a coin compartment while banknotes are returned in another compartment that opens and lights up as necessary. At the end, a receipt or default report (RMPP) is printed, depending on the outcome. In the case of need, users can request help from a remote operator by pressing a red help button.



The coin slot handles all coins from 5 cents to 2 euros, which after introduction are sorted and conveyed, for each level, to 6 separate collection drawers, with a capacity of 1000 to 1200 coins to be used for making change. Coins not recognised as valid are returned in the change compartment. If a coin drawer is too full, it will be given the maximum priority in making change, while if it is emptying too fast, in will not be used, to the extent possible, until it is sufficiently full. When the coin drawers are full, the coins are sent to two final collection boxes with a capacity of about 3000 coins each, conforming to INAIL occupational safety rules. The banknote slot can read up to 30 (configurable) denominations of banknotes in the 4 directions they can be inserted, both in euros and foreign currency, with an acceptance rate between 97% and 99%. The dispenser is able to dispense one or more banknotes together and is equipped, for each level, with 4 dispensing drawers and a reject drawer, to collect banknotes discarded during collection and not taken by the user.



Each drawer contains from 2000 to 2500 banknotes (regardless of the type of banknote), for a total of at least 6000, while the reject drawer has a capacity of at least 300 banknotes. The drawer can only be opened to remove the banknotes with a specific electronic key. The AUTOMATIC TOLL BOOTH allows the operator to perform the following activities:

  • management close;
  • emptying and subsequent reloading of the drawers;
  • replacement of the drawers of the banknote dispenser;
  • replacement of the final drawers containing coins;
  • replacement of the final drawers containing banknotes.

To simplify interaction with the machine as much as possible, Autostrade Tech makes available its X-Cash software, which it uses to implement a Web server, accessible via a standard browser and suitably configured to enable the functions allowed by each professional, including:

  • view the status of the containers (drawers and final boxes), with an indication of the number and type of pieces;
  • view statistical data;
  • view transactions;
  • view management data relative to accounting closes;
  • test and restart subsystem commands.



The AUTOMATIC TOLL BOOTH, which has all legally-required certifications, is made of stainless steel (AISI 304) and powder-painted with a finishing coat of epoxy; it is designed for use in industrial environments and for very high reliability and durability.