ITS Solutions

Satellite Tolling

Autostrade Tech has developed a solution that allows the collection of amounts proportional to the distance travelled and depending on vehicle category using satellite technology.  


This solution provides:

  • State-of-the-art satellite location: Multi-constellation (GPS + GLONASS): 21+21 operational satellites with high-sensitivity receiver that allows high locating precision
  • Wireless communication: GSM/GPRS and SMS communication
  • Security: Hardware management of encryption algorithms using a certified security chip
The satellite toll collection solution uses the capabilities of the Global Satellite Navigation System according to the "virtual gantry" schematic diagram. The toll road network is divided into constituent sections; each of which is associated with a "charging point".

The transit is measured when the device detects the passage through the charging point. A vehicle subject to payment must have an on-board device, which easy and fast to install, that allows the system to detect the transit of vehicles along the road network subject to payment. The device has an internal battery backup and can be powered from the cigarette-lighter socket, directly from the vehicle battery or from an independent external battery depending on the specific requirements in each case, with four different usage profiles for energy management.


To simplify the management and distribution of the OBU devices, even without the presence of personnel, Autostrade Tech has developed an automated solution with a simple, fast front-end distribution machine able to meet a wide range of needs.

It is equipped with:

  • A recovery chamber;
  • Audio-video interface;
  • POS (badge reader, printer, display and keyboard);
  • Barcode reader;
  • Banknote dispenser;
  • Coin reject;
  • Cheque reader;
  • Documentation scanner;
  • Areas for returning/picking-up devices.