ITS Solutions

Multi-Lane Free-Flow tolling

Autostrade Tech's solutions include a Free-Flow system that allows toll collection, i.e., paying tolls without slowing down and without channelling through the combination of two technologies:


  • microwave radio systems (Telepass ® antennas);
  • cameras for reading license plates;
  • a vehicle classification subsystem.




The system is based on what the Group has implemented in the past when, for example, the Austrian Road Administration awarded Autostrade Tech the concession to build and operate a dynamic free-flow toll collection system for commercial vehicles on the motorway network.



The barrier-free toll collection system consists of "Multi-lane Free Flow" portals located along the road before each exit. The operation of the system consists of three different phases:

  • The passage of the vehicle under a portal represents a transit that is subject to payment of the toll.
  • At each transit, vehicles are detected and categorised and the system reads the license plate.
  • The central information system processes all the transit data of vehicles and calculates the toll to be applied


The solution requires that vehicles equipped with on-board devices pay the toll by debiting their current account, as already happens for motorway transits



Vehicles without an on-board device are, instead, identified by their license plate and can pay before, during or after the transit using the payment channels provided.