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Tolls are a fee paid to a (public or private) operator for the use of road infrastructure, generally according to a tariff. This tariff can either be proportional to the distance travelled or can be a flat rate. Both usually vary depending on the type of vehicle used.

The toll is usually paid when entering or exiting a section of motorway or road and is collected at barriers,portals (gantries) and toll booths using cash, prepaid cards (such as Viacard), credit cards and on-board devices (DSRC and satellite tolling).

With the advent of satellite tolling, the schematic diagram below remains the same, the only difference being the introduction of the concept of "virtual gantries". 


The Autostrade per l'Italia Group, and then Autostrade Tech, have always kept up with the technological changes required by the market.


To better understand our commitment to R&D, the graphic below illustrates the various devices developed since 1990 to automate toll collection, using first DSRC and then satellite technology.