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Automatic toll collection with DSRC (Telepass® system)

Autostrade Tech has developed the technology that makes it possible to collect tolls through a device called Telepass®. Telepass is a "semi-passive" transponder: it has an independent power supply but only transmits when interrogated by the reader. Telepass allows dynamic toll collection using microwave DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) technology at a frequency of 5.8 GHz for communication between devices in vehicles and the infrastructure of the lane.


The automatic toll collection system with Telepass is applied on motorways with open and closed toll systems. Each Telepass gate, whether entering or exiting, has equipment that automatically manages transits, maintains the dialogue with the on-board terminal and the connection with the information systems to charge for the transit according to the logical steps illustrated in the following image.


Microwave DSRC technology using a frequency of 5.8 GHz is particularly suited to toll collection since it allows to create highly robust systems, in terms of:

  • Transaction speed -> more than 1,500 vehicles/hour;
  • Reliability -> over 35 retries in a single transit;
  • Transaction security -> unequivocal attribution of payments;
  • Enforcement -> high control;
  • Ease of use -> no activity by the customer.

In addition, the lane software:

  • enables the coexistence of Telepass and ETS (European Teletoll Services) customers;
  • meets ETS safety requirements;

For this reason:

  • In the rest of Europe, Toll Chargers can choose between a GNSS system and a DSRC system conforming to the European EN 15509 standard;
  • In Italy, Toll Chargers can choose to keep the Telepass (technology (now European Standard  ETSI ES 200674-1).


There are currently more than 8 million Telepass devices on the Italian motorway network.